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WA Coalition 4 Kids is a growing advocacy organization dedicated to the idea that students and their families should have a seat at the table in education policy discussions and decisions. 


By joining, you are adding your support, along with thousands of other Washington parents that want more transparency, a better understanding  and a larger say in their childrens’ education. 


Two membership options

Ally $5 per year

Supporter $25 per year and includes all adult members of a household

Please consider an additional donation that goes toward supporting advocacy efforts.

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***please enter your membership information above before entering your membership payment below***

Membership payment

Thank you for supporting Wa Coalition 4 Kids! Your membership and financial support will ensure that the voice of families can be amplified at the district and state education discussions. Please consider an additional donation


To add a donation, simply add any amount to your membership level and enter the total below. Thank you!

Ally:             $5.00 
Supporter:  $25.00 
+ additional donation at any amount = Total Amount 

Please enter total amount below. Thank you!

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